Thursday, December 8, 2011

How To Make Your Own Alphabet Stencil Transfers

I have been searching for Alphabet Stencils for a while now to use on a little wood project I have. But finding the right one that I have in mind just seems to be impossible. Too small, too curly, too gap-py (as in breaks in the stencil), not the right font, right font but tiny. $15 for paper ones that are not quite right. Can't win!!

Then I had a thought! (shh, don't comment on that) The Internet or Microsoft Word programs have great fonts to choose from. So here's the How-Tos of using your computer as a light box, and making your own Alphabet Stencil transfers for next to nothing (I had everything on hand- so FREE!).

Alphabet Stencil Transfers
What you will need:

Your computer 
Baking paper
HB Pencil and 3B pencil/charcoal pencil 
Your project that needs letters on it.
1.   Select the font and letter you want and adjust the size to the size you want on your project... (mine was 250)

2.   Turn the brightness all the way up and ever so gently put your baking paper on the computer screen and trace the letter... gentle gentle gentle!! (oh and don't tell my husband I did this... he may have a conniption some objections- Hi honey!! I love you!!)
      ....did I mention Gently? 

3.    Turn your paper upside down and do a light layer of charcoal/pencil over the back of where you have traced. 

4. Turn it back to traced letter side up and place it where you want the letter on your project

5. Using a sharp pencil retrace over your letter, it (the underside charcoal/pencil) will leave an imprint on your project. 

Ta-Dah!! Repeat with as many letters/words as you need. You can do whole words all at once, I just didn't need to so I just did the M.

6. Do what you like to it... I painted mine grey... M is for Milla. If you notice the paint on the M is a little bit blotchy, it's OK, I did it rough cause I am going to sand most of this off anyways to give it that cute little worn look. 

7. Erase any pencil lines.

Happy letter making!!