Thursday, December 15, 2011

Car iPad Holder and A Beach Trip

We are headed on a little road trip on the weekend, and I have been sussing out DVD players for the car. $180?! oh man! Not going to happen. We would only need it for this trip, that seems like a lot to pay for a once off.

Our iPad has all the movies we need so I have been on a mission to figure out how we can make that work for the car.  Milla gets terrible car sickness so there is no way she can look down at anything while moving, and only one iPad with kids movies on it means that it can't go on the back of one of the seats without one of the kids missing out on watching. 

Here is my solution for the moment... A work in progress.

Car iPad Holder

My wonderful husband helping me out, showing me how to do pop rivets. (Thanks babe!)

Finished product. Pop rivet galvanised "Make a brackets" together in a Z shape

iPad fits into it perfectly

Here it is (Wow! Excuse the flash, it was 10pm when I tried to fit it). I have a sun roof (CRV) which I slid the top of the "Z" between the sunroof and the car roof. I can take it down when it's not in use. 

2 things I need to solve... 
1. Soften the metal edges so if we bump into it, it doesn't scratch or hurt at all. I'm thinking foam and fabric
2. Address the hook at the top. Make it thinner (and cuter)

To be continued as I solve these issues!

Family Beach Trip!!

Are you prepared for lots of photos? yes? Ok good proceed!

We had a little spontaneous family day today, not on purpose, we were supposed to be at a work staff picnic... but turned up to the wrong beach!! Hilarious! It was so quiet at the beach we were confused and at the same time instantly knew we had missed an important location change. Hungry, tired kids meant we needed to stay and eat lunch at the beach we were at.  Oh well, make the most of what we have. 

I have to say this was the best beach trip we have had. The kids are old enough to walk in the sand and not require constant shade (and not cry their little eyes out) Yay!

Sunscreen is a must! 


"Hello Nemo!"

I love this to the moon and back!!! 

Swim between the flags

Ha!! Milla didn't want to get her Board shorts wet!!