Monday, December 5, 2011

Candle Making Made Easy.

I was a little daunted at first at the thought of making my own candles but after starting I soon realised that the basics of candle making isn't that difficult and the results are worthy of being proud of. I have a collection of half melted candles around the place that are still quite capable of being lit and used. But they were just taking up space rather than being a vital part of my decor . So here is what I did with them. 

You will need:
old candles
 Jar/cup/bowl/sturdy-non flammable-object you want turned into a candle 
2 Saucepans
3 skewers
1 rubber band

Chop up the old candle avoid cutting the wick. (If you're using all different ones, make sure they smell nice together!) I kept the old wicks to use as the new candles wick.

Put an inch of water in the bigger saucepan on a high heat till just boiling and then reduce the heat to it's lowest setting. Put your chopped up wax into a smaller saucepan and place that little saucepan into the water (double boiling) Stir the wax gently as it melts (I used a chopstick to stir). Not sure why I was excited when this actually worked but I was!

While that's melting, tie two skewers together with the rubber band, slide the top end of the wick between the skewers, sit it with the wick hanging in the middle of your jar. I like to fold the bottom of the wick into an "L" shape because I don't use the metal wick holders this helps it stay a bit more sturdy

Gently, and carefully because it's hot hot hot! pour the now completely melted wax into your jar, keeping your wick in the centre.

Keep a little wax for later, as your new candle dries you'll notice a depression around the wick- just remelt the saved wax and fill it in.  Let it stand for a day or 2 to completely set

To clean your saucepan....
If there is lots of left over wax, use a paper towel to push it into a ball shape and save for other projects. 
Put your waxed saucepan back into the hot water one, to heat up the residue wax again, rub it off with paper towel. Repeat until all off. 
My tip: do your clean up straight after you've filled the gap... otherwise  I you wont wanna and  I you will put it off for ages. 

Sorry I cant take a full photo of what this candle is in... You know, Christmas is coming up. Could be a gift!


With only 20 more sleeps till Christmas I can guess what's happening all around the world... shopping. Lots and lots of shopping. How do I assume to know this? Because walking around the shops today everywhere I looked there where people with bags on their arms and rolls of wrapping paper in their hands. Usually when I come to these shops it's quite laid back and there are lots of mums and bubs and people just having a wander, that's the brilliance of an outdoor "town centre" Shopping Center it's a great place to just wander. But not today. Too many cranky Christmas shopping rushing people. I got the milk and ran away! 

I am having so much fun creating Christmas this year, Mod Podge, fabric and Porcelain pens has been used greatly to assist in the process of gift making. There are so many crafty ideas in the bloggy world! For a while there I was changing my list "to make for this person" almost daily. We have completely run out of Millas hand printed wrapping paper, so I've employed her potato stamping skills again to make some more.

Happy Christmas Crafting!!!