Friday, December 9, 2011

Alphabet Stencil Complete

There are a few things I know, and a lot that I am still learning. Today I learnt that pink fairy wings do help you put the blinds back up... Milla insisted that I be the fairy Godmother today, as she was Cinderella. So...

Yup. This is me in my pjs with my wings on and a magic star wand in my back pocket putting the blinds back up... Glamorous. Totally glamorous. Oh and the part you cant see, I'm standing on a bench with Milla hanging onto my ankles "helping you mummy"

Yay! Crossed something off my To-Do list...  By the end if today I crossed off two more and played my turn of tic-tac-toe... (your turn babe!) 


Alphabet Stencil Complete.

Lightly sanded the M to show some wear and tear, oh gosh I love it! 

I did an M on either side, I love them both equally!

And because I can, made a candle out of the top.... Purely for aesthetics- do not light!!

M is for Milla 

(and quite possibly M is for mess too...)