Saturday, December 17, 2011

12 Hours later

12hours, 10 kangaroos, 6 rabbits, a few unknowns and 1 wombat.. All road kill (sorry! Ha! should have called "spoiler") Wait! 1 live rabbit!!. 4 packets of chips, 3 stops, 1 ice cream stop. Strawberry and cherry fields. A big guitar, a big apple, a big dinosaur. 1 iPad movie (in my holder of coarse!-yay! It works) 2 tired but happy babies. 2 tired and on the edge of happy parents.

What does this huge list equal? A family road trip!

Yeah you know what I'm talking about. It's that beautiful balance between so much excitement and so much tiredness that represents a full day, a traveling day. We made it. We are here. And it was surprisingly easy.

My iPad holder on it's maiden voyage. Perfect! We even plugged it into the car stereo to make the sound louder. This was the one and only movie that got put on, and by the time this went on we were already at our destination- just out looking for dinner. I am so proud of my kids who entertained themselves so well over the 12+ hours. 

Master Phoenix

And Miss Milla watching the movie

My handsome hubby who drove most of the way (yes, we took breaks to refresh and swapped driving duties)
Phoenix accepting his golden guitar. 
A stop along the way at Tamworth- Country Music Capitol