Sunday, November 13, 2011

By the light of the Christmas Tree...

Oh how I love the sight of my beautiful Christmas Tree. Turning off all the harsh house lights and putting the lamp and Christmas Tree lights on just feels relaxing and loving. Makes me wanna get the kids back out of bed and snuggle on the couch to watch Disney Christmas movies. It's an hour past their bed time and I miss them already (xx blowing them kisses down the hall onto their sleepy little cheeks!)

I have just joined Pinterest and man-o-man! What hours I could loose searching and browsing through all the craft goodness!! There are some seriously creative people out there... I am amazed! And it's so dangerous- I just want to make everything, everything!  Oo, I even found another one of these! Beautiful!

On a side note: Today I scraped off the kitchen bench seal and re-sealed it. It's been bugging me for a while because since we moved in a year and half ago it's been flaking off bit-by-bit and I was a bit concerned that water was getting in (and under and through into all) the places it shouldn't.  So today was the day!! I got out a knife and started pealing it off from around the sink and along the walls. My beloved David comes in catching me with knife in hand scraping it off and says...

"You do know that has a purpose right? You're not just doing that to make it look prettier right?"


Yes babe ;-) Don't fret, I will put it back!    

(This photo always cracks me up! hahaha!)
Love my little family!!