Monday, November 14, 2011

Tutu Table

Oo today I started attempting to make a tutu table. Well- why not ;-) this is the little bed side table from Milla's room, quite bland and falling to bits. But its what we have at the moment until the perfect table can be found. Here is the start... 

I got quite a few more done before I ran out of fabric and just "had" to go back to spotlight for more (oh dear must I? OK!) It was looking really good and tutu-like when production stopped to do a Preschool pick-up. And then this happened:
She stole my table tutu and put it on!!

 Milla wandered around for the rest of the afternoon in the tutu I made "for her" 
 She had a blast! 

 Phoenix, on the other hand, was a little confused how to get past it. hehe

So now I have to either start again, or take back Milla's skirt so I can finish it. Either way I am extremely happy with how easy this tutu is to make, many thanks to Just We Moms for the tutorial.