Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tutu table has found its home

Tutu Bedside Table in the sunshine...

Tutu Bedside table in Millas room

 8 toys + 4 Blankies...  Milla believes you can never have too much of a good thing!

The other side of Millas Room, quite a mish-mosh at the moment. There is a tree wall sticker behind the left hand drawers, a water colour painting Milla and I did, and we still have her baby butterfly mobile up hanging from the light- Which I Constantly! constantly run into. 
This Doll house makes the BEST bookshelf! and it was free!-Bonus!   

This is the room I have my eye on painting. Was considering pale stripes on the bed side wall, but I think I'll start with a light pink and see how it looks as-it. It's quite a small room, I don't want to over power it and make it feel smaller.   

The walls are very dirty and marked, I haven't done anything about them since we moved in almost 2 years ago now. Hence the need for a new paint colour. 

I have only just realised that I can actually do house Reno stuff. Which is why it's taken me two years to decide to paint. I originally thought it was difficult and a process that really some expensive over priced professional should do.  But then! a revelation- Why not! Why not give it a go? I've surprised myself with how much I love accomplishing changes and making our house our own.  So slowly, slowly and a million pictures later I'll have this house looking exactly how we want it. FUN!