Thursday, November 10, 2011

Top Coats and Chair Envy

I wait all day to be able to pull out the paint brush and do another coat, so tonight I did the final top coat of White on White on my drawers. I would do this all day long if I could, but! Little Phoenix would put his tiny little fingers all- ALL over it. So I wait and wait and wait and then! 8pm! out comes the paint brush.
Here is the (currently drying) final top coat 

It's like watching paint dry.... oh wait. Ha! 

 Spotty shorts make painting fun

Oh and here is the little fingers, aka The Phoenix (and my love)

Next is back to the sandpaper, but the brilliant thing of that is: Yay! I can do it during the day, Phoenix can bring his sticky fingers and it wont matter cause my paints dry. Love it! 
My favourite parts are painting and sanding back, seeing those results come scratched through- oh la la! 

Found any new Pretties lately? I just discovered Pottery Barn. The good thing is that I live in Australia, way away from the nearest Pottery Barn- otherwise i would be in serious shopping heaven trouble.

I have chair envy