Saturday, November 19, 2011

That One Thing That Inspires

Do you have a "one thing" that inspires you to clean and clean and clean? I do. Well I have a few, but today's was mowing the lawn. There is something about all the energy that goes into mowing that if I just keep moving after I've finished I can conquer heaps of chores quickly and with motivation. 

I got the back and front lawns mowed, hosed down the pathways, hosed down the house (as a tiny little annoying lovely bird just loves to sit on the corner of our house and poop on everything!) Washed the car, vacuumed the car, put all the toys away, vacuumed the house, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the bathrooms. Then it was lunch time... Not a bad run and all before lunch! Win! All this because I started off with the one thing I knew could motivate me to do lots of stuff.

As I said before I have a few of these "one thing"s ... So I really shouldn't call it the "One-thing" more like "the-many-options-to-possibly-inspire-you-to-move-things" Ha! But its not as inspiring really hey? The 3 things that I know inspire me to clean clean clean are: 

  1. Mowing the lawn
  2. Having a friend over
  3. Being cranky at something... (So if you come home and the house is spotless- Watch out!! hehe! No, but really.)
Before I could wash the car though, I needed to get my bucket, car wash bubbles and O.o! no washers? What to do? what to do? (yes I ask myself this a lot) 

How to turn your old towels into car washers
Old towel, I don't use anymore

Chop Chop Chop!  To the size you want.

Ta-Da! Two washers for washing the car.  One for me and one for my little helper Milla. I didn't bother sewing any of the edges, just ran my fingers along the edges to pull off any loose fluff.

Bucket, bubbles and handy new washer. Ready to go!

I love the idea of re-using things around the house. Seems like such a waste to just throw this sort of thing out. There is still another 3/4 of towel left over. Which I will fold up and put in the shed to use as barbie clothes and Barbie beach towels, shed rags and paint drip cloths, and anything else that comes to mind.