Monday, November 21, 2011

Project: Kitchen Window

I had my sights on my not-so-antique water logged window frame in the kitchen. It's time had come. Chipped paint and absorbent exposed chipboard is not a good combination for right in front of the sink. Phoenix in bed: check, Detail sander: check! Dishes away: always handy.

Game plan for this window. Remove blinds and mountings. Sand back old paint and exposed chipboard. fill the gaps/cracks. Paint on a primer, which I ended up doing two coats because of the exposed chipboard and then top coat white I think.  

Blinds one second...
 Gone the next
 Sanding felt like it took forever. That glossy paint just refused to come of easily. But I tried to enjoy the process. Enjoy the Process. One day I will remember to put my painting clothes on, I have ruined so many of my good clothes because I get to excited about my project to stop and change. Everything of me got covered in paint dust.  

I totally do 

Sanded back, filled the gaps and cracks, taped up the edges. 
Primer coat number 1

And this is where I am up to, undercoat number 2 is currently drying... doesn't look much different to the photo of Primer coat number 1 I am thinking white or just off white top coat. Which will have to wait till daylight. I like the idea of white windows and door frames and then a slightly darker wall colour. Little bit cottage-y.

I got some good exercise getting up and down from the kitchen sink painting and sanding, I have a feeling I may be sore tomorrow.


I found some very cute things at Spotlight, I went in because I love to have a wander and buy everything to find a Christmas tree craft punch and came out with red and silver ribbon (.99c!) to go with the wrapping paper Milla and I made the other day. I cannot wait to show you the finished presents when they're all wrapped and decorated! So So cute! 

Hoot Hoot!!

 These are for another project I've got my eye on! eek! You will love it. I just couldn't resist the owl. I heard that Owls are currently the best selling design. I totally believe that. 

Stores I went to: Spotlight and Bunnings Warehouse