Friday, November 25, 2011

Project: Back Door Trim

There's a slight dilemma with the back door trim. Chipped paint, Cracked wood. I think she needs some love. Poor old thing. So armed with the sanding block and detail sander, this weekend will be sandy! I would also love to top coat the window sill with the Dulux semi gloss vivid white paint I got to complete Project: Kitchen Window (and put my cute herbs back in their spot.)

I've chosen Vivid White for the window and door trims I think it will look good against the slightly darker wall colours (all neutral colours.)  Lots of sanding coming up in my future.  

Plan of attack: Sand it back, fill the gaps and cracks, primer and top coat... sound reasonable? I think so. 

Ew. This poor unloved corner needs a hug... and some gap filler

In desperate need of waterproofing. See the grass? The kids come in and out of the backyard all day long.
 I'd just like to point out that I didn't paint this. The previous people who lived here didn't use any masking tape when they painted I believe. Must have been a rush job, definitely not a labour of love.  
scuff scuff scuff
.Idea Hub.

This idea is from a fellow blogger Timber and Lace. Her bathroom make over is so so lovely! I think I may have to borrow her idea for my munchkins bathroom.

Mirror frame from Full Of Great Ideas is wonderful! And handmade- Sweet! I love it.