Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Project 1: Antique drawers

Looking at the regular paint platter on my fingernails I figure. Hey! why not blog about my little projects? So here they come (as I do them). Not sure how regular I'll be posting but I'll put all my little treasures on here for you all to see. 

My current little adventure is a set of drawers. Antique? yes please! Antique now? not yet...

(excuse the mess behind... you'll just have to get used to that as
i have kids and they are still in clean up training)

So far I've sanded it back, painted primer layers and first top coat! 
Wish i had of gotten a photo of my first attempt of using a belt sander, David came round the corner one afternoon to find me covered in dust  just outside our front door with the noisiest machine ever. Funny sight ha! 

 A little before/after sanding photo, I started off with the good 'ol hand sanding. Soon switched to an electric sand belt- much quicker. I like results, I like them fast. 

(of course a princess couch in necessary in the lounge room!)

No photos of the Top coat just yet. Must get onto that. But I do have... Ta Da! My nails... Tonight I am rocking a wonderful shade of Dulux White on White. Yes I have Pink keys on my MAC. My keys support Breast Cancer awareness, well, really It's just a dust cover. But that's what I tell people.