Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pink Tulle Therapy

There are so many new projects running around my little head, but I have to narrow it down and focus! I thought I'd start to add some little boundaries to my projects to make it more fun and challenging.
  1. Buy on sale. Stick to the budget!
  2. Second hand or free
  3. Hand make as much as possible
  4. Don't go to Bunnings Warehouse as much (This is a lie- I love Bunnings!)

I embellished the Tutu Table with the tulle. This was surprisingly therapeutic. After a long day of energetic kids and swimming lessons and many broken things. It was great to sit in silence knotting the tulle and then my favorite! dragged out the drill and screwed that sucker down.

It turned out beautiful, but I feel its not quite finished yet. I'm contemplating either lining the top with fabric or painting it pink. I will take some good photos tomorrow, but for now this is where it's at:

 I am also thinking of a trim to go around the very top to cover the knots, if I find something along the way I might add that in. But right now Milla loves it, she is a Princess who loves all things pink. So a Tutu Table? Win! Just needs a beautiful ballerina lamp and an antique jewellery box.