Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pallet Wood

Woohoo! The sunshine is out! Let us all bust out the hammers and drills its time to get moving! ha! Saturday is a great day to do some little things that I've had my eye on, but just haven't got around to yet. The other day I picked up two pallets from a local homemaker shopping centre. They had a great huge pile of them set to be sent to the recycle/rubbish so they were fine with me taking what I wanted, yes I asked. I would have got more, but it wouldn't fit in the car. So two it was. 

Pallet one second

Wood the next
It was quite labor intensive, but soo much fun! I used a hammer and a rubber mallet to get between the timber and pry it apart. I cracked a couple of the ends which was probably because the wood was damp from all the rain lately. But I have a plan for this wood! Probably over ambitious for what I am capable of but! heck, lets give it a go anyways! More to come on this as it all comes together. But first I need to pull the second apart. Hammer?! Pass me the hammer! 

 Dream a little dream...

I had 3 white mirrors hanging vertically on a blank wall in the lounge room, then CRASH! O.O What was that? Yup the middle mirror decided to go bungee jump without a rope and didn't survive. And then there were 2... with a big gap in the middle. So not cool. So whats the solution? I thought I'd try this...


Ok this is what I thought I'd try... horizontal 

The toy box chest sits here at the moment, but it would look so much better with an antique white side board .
 Oh a girl can dream

I am not completely happy with it. I kind of feel like its an equal sign more than anything.
But it's better than the blank wall.

My little artist busy busy busy.
If Milla could do craft and painting daily, she totally would. She is very detailed and likes to paint the lips, eyes, buttons the delicate flowers. Out of a whole painting she will do the small details. I love that about her, suits her to a tee.