Friday, November 11, 2011

Light Distressing

My afternoon looked like this... 
 Phoenix testing out the drawers for me

Top coat all dry and flawless 

If you look closely, Phoenix has hidden his rock treasure in the bottom drawer

Sitting on the front step distressing the edges

 Three drawers all in a row

I am totally in love with how the light distress came up 
 Here is where she shall live... until I find something I like better. I am not keen on the drawer knobs so I'll be keeping an eye out for different ones. I think the black is a little too harsh compared to the soft distress. Also don't like the lamp. Okay to be honest, the drawers and the lamp are from my husbands bedroom- from before we got married! Its all I have to use in this corner- I hated the drawers but, you know, I haven't planted that money tree yet. So I figured Why not do up what I've got and see if I like it better??!! And low and behold- I do!
 (cords- meh! hate them. I've since put a guitar in front of them) 

In my little box (that I love and adore) I've got the remotes

While I was busy photographing my handy work, my beautiful Milla was concentrating on her colouring