Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Meet Sapphire

The Internet had a little "rest day" yesterday. As in: I don't want to know how to fix it and needed my Knight in shining armour to come rescue me from my terrible dire need-to-be-rescued situation *swoon* . Eh hem. Not really... But seriously what did we do before the World Wide Web? How did we survive?

There wasn't any blogging happening, so there must have been loads and loads of washing happening, yes. And a trip to Spotlight- well obviously.  There are a few crafty projects I have happening at the moment which I cannot take photos of because they are gifts for Christmas. So Instead I thought I'd just do sneak peaks and save the reveal till boxing day! ha! Once they are all unwrapped.  
Yes! love a sale!
Rocks? hmm I wonder... nothing says Merry Christmas like a pile of rocks!
So there you have it, Christmas in a nut shell.

Meet Sapphire. Hello Sapphire... You have to talk extra loud to her she is old. I must try and find out how old she is, because it would be interesting. We tried to have a play today but she's decided to not work properly, so I've booked her into get her checked over. "Tell me Doctor? will she be okay??" Hopefully, cause she's cute and oh so antique. 

Even got her some new needles, but it still didn't make her happy (125yrs? That's bound to cover her age). The needle keeps running into the foot- and if I manage to set the foot up right out of the way she runs into the metal instead of the hole. Ok I've run out of buttons/slides/screws to play with to try and adjust it. Time to move onto a professional.  So I googled. Hobbeysew here I come.

The corner that needed some love just got primed. Did a quick very thin coat of primer on the back door frame. Will get to top coat tonight once the kids are asleep. Then hopefully we wont get little fingers and grubby marks through the drying paint for at least 12 hours . 

Remember my Knight in Shining Armour? He came home bearing a beautiful bunch of Red Roses... Stunning! (and the roses ain't bad either hehe) Best Husband ever! The perfect end to a long day. How very thoughtful of him. *kisses and hugs*

And this single rose... Was especially for Milla. What a great Daddy.  

I am using an old Champagne Flute wine glass as a vase for this single rose, and a cute little jar for the others.