Friday, November 18, 2011

Kitchens and Pens

Pens, Pens, Pens. Can always find them when you don't want them, and never any around when you do! When I'm in the kitchen I tend to need a pen for the shopping list, filling out forms and writing names on preschool Tupperware. We have a black "Junk" bowl on the corner of our bench that continually gathers nick-knacks that don't have a home: gum, pens, bracelets, a tape for the video camera, random photo booth photos etc. But this is didn't feel like the right home for pens... what to do? what to do? Oh yes!!

An old spice jar?... Perfect! Little bit of cute twine and Wa-la! Holds the perfect amount of pens in a very convenient place.

 A Sharpie and Kikki K pens are a must!
 Our Junk Bowl and my new pen holder

While I'm in my kitchen, I always find something new I could do, Here it is in a very extremely brief moment between meals where it's clean! It's little and function-able.

 My all time favourite part of the Kitchen- My herbs! 

My all time least favourite part of the kitchen... Antique but not intentionally- and that's a problem! Water getting into the window frame. I got a new detail sander so I can start the repairs on this. The laminate (I think that's what this is) coming off the cabinet doors exhibit A. below 
So technically because its damaged and really should be repaired YES!  I'm thinking White! Cabinet doors and new knobs. Will research and find some examples and figure out how I can do it. I saw some really nice wooden tops recently ooh-la-la looked wonderful. OK! OK focus.  

Yesterday we discovered that disorganisation = Stress.

Well if stress is disorganisation... than this cupboard is 100% stress.  
Ahh there now... don't you just feel uncluttered and its easier to breathe? Well maybe not through a photo but it definitely feels that way in real life- I don't have to shut the cupboard doors quickly in case everything falls out anymore.