Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Wrapping Paper

It's a rainy day today, beautiful drizzly day that just calls for a big fluffy blanket on the couch, a good movie and chocolate... So we have the heater on, watching Toy Story and Millas eating an apple smiley face. Not quite the same but lovely non the less. 

A day at home means lots of mess; red baubles on the floor, crumbs everywhere, toys strewn from the front door to the back door and in amongst this mess I am reading an old book I have Survival for Busy Women (By Emilie Barnes)  Not because I haven't read it and need the information, but I re-read it for the inspiration to organise.  I am the laziest perfectionist I know! ha! I love love love the feeling of a organised world... but I always procrastinate and think "I'll totally do that later" and then later comes and there is no way I want to.... sound familiar? I bet everyone has this thought too... except Emilie Barnes she's perfect.

So today's tidbit from E. Barnes....  The best recipe for beating stress? Its called organisation. Great! Thanks for that Barnes. Tomorrows plan is to organise one thing (hmm really need to put away the winter clothes. Good idea!) Today I organised the laundry. check-check-check all clean and dry onto the fold and put away: dull! Much more exciting is Organising Christmas!

With Christmas presents starting to collect I thought it was time to start looking at wrapping paper. This year, along with my "Keeping to a budget" policy I decided that it was CRAFT time!!  Wet weather and Phoenix having a nap makes a great combination to pull out the paint

 Good 'ol tarp on the lounge room floor

Christmas Spud Stamps to be exact...

 (That round one on the right is supposed to be a bauble)
 Pro-Stamper Milla
 And this is how most of our crafts end up... hand and feet prints