Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hospital Adventures and Wooden Hoops

Walking through the halls of the Children's Hospital at Westmead is always heart breaking. Knowing so many little people are hurting and as a result many families are walking through that season too. I am grateful that I was only walking through, only a passing visitor. But I am also very grateful for the Doctors, Nurses, admin, cleaners and anyone else who volunteers in these places- Thank you!! You do a great job!!

Why was I walking through the Children's Hospital? Because the unimaginably long corridor was connected to the Hospital at Westmead. Why was I walking through the Hospital? Because it was connected to the Dental clinic. Why was I walking... oh you get the point. I needed a filling, that's all, boring. I got lost and found my way several times it took me 10 mins walking from one end to the other but! It was raining outside and I was parked at the opposite end of the hospital to where I needed to be. Doh

So many people got caught in the rain, I saw some very inventive ways to attempt to stay dry, there was the usual umbrellas, and newspapers. But one guy had stolen a laminated sign off a wall and was shielding his head ha! naughty. One lady doctor, briefcase in hand, was walking nonchalantly down the road- "Rain? pft! What rain" Absolutely drenched. 


I've started gathering a collection of fabrics and round circles wooden embroidery hoops! I have 5 hoops and 6 fabrics so far. I'd like at least another 6 hoops. (Just waiting for another sale) This is all for Milla's room, and along with that cute little owl stamp and floral stamps (I haven't told you what I'm using them on yet!) will make a great feature for her bedroom walls.   

So easy to work with!

I've put the fabric in, but wont trim the excess off till I'm really happy with the fabric placement

I am loving these fabrics!!
Found the inspiration for this on Pinterest with a little bit of Kellie mixed in. If you find some interesting pictures or links let me know. I'm always interested in seeing new things

Hope you're having a good start of the week xx!!

If you would like to donate to the Hospital click the link and follow their directions.