Sunday, November 20, 2011

Here Comes The Rain

There is nothing quiet like the smell of rain. The breeze that starts to blow just before the rain starts, hints that it's coming but not quiet here yet... refreshing and just makes me smile. For some reason always feels like romance and all things lovely. A field of daisies in a sundress. I wish I could bottle it and smell it on days when the world feels just a little too grey. 
The first drops of rain
 So Milla announced it was "Family blocks time" and we listened to the rain and built towers.
Learning from big sister

There was not much crafting happening today, it's family day. But everywhere I look I feel like there could be potential for a little embellish here a little change there. So It was also a dream day. Dreaming of what I could do, how could I do it (and with what ha! Still waiting for that $1 money tree I planted to grow, oh well)

One cute little detail that made my day, was my make-shift hair tie. String is amazing, seriously you can use it for everything. I thought it suited my messy side plait really well.  It's the small details in life that just make you smile. Like Milla insisting on wearing a belt over her dress and her string bead necklace and Phoenix running away with the toilet cleaning brush EW!

Happy Sunday everyone xx