Sunday, November 27, 2011

Green Masking Taped Windows

Had a lot of anticipation for what today could hold, but everyone woke up funny. Milla woke with a raging fever and Phoenix is teething, molars are not fun apparently. Extra cuddles all round, six movies and counting, ice water and crunchy crackers makes the day go by. Hopefully a good day of rest will be just what they need. 

Onwards with the house reno's during nap times. The sun is out today so it the perfect opportunity to finally top coat the Kitchen window sill. 

 To the left is the original high gloss cream colour in who-knows what tone. To the right is the new (in progress) Vivid White window... Perfect day for washing, as you can see ;-) 
For the primer coats I used regular ol'  white masking tape, But! it took off wall paint when I removed it. I was super cranky cause I had only just painted this wall.  eh-hem... So this is "Low Tac Delicate" Green masking tape. I got it from Bunnings in the Paint masking tape section. It came off beautifully, didn't take my paint off and didn't let the paint bleed-Yay!

Remember this angle from a few posts back?  Here it is after a little bit of sanding, gap filling, priming and top coats... sticky tape still on. But much, much better.  

Ta-Da no more masking tape- And officially the first thing I have painted/fixed myself! Not bad, if I do say so myself. 
Back door
I posted some photos of this corner a little bit ago, and its desperate need for some loving. Well its had a little hug. I washed it down, sanded it back a bit and filled in some of the cracks and gaps.

A little hug

Top of the door frame- Seriously shocking! (looking down from theroof)

I am pretty sure the screws for the blinds was holding this on! 

 So far I've sanded the paint and filled the gaps. When I have a few more hours I'll prime and paint. (That bump on the left is a nail. Hammer! Where's the hammer!!)

I have way to much fun with this baby!

Green tape and top coats

This is my new paintbrush! I am in love with it- So smooth, it's great! Just the right amount of angle to the bristles to do the edges cleanly and none of those wayward single strands that paint everywhere but where you want it to. 
Lots of rain
In amongst the slowness of today, the cuddles on the couch with a sick little girl and stealing away in the quiet times to do sanding, this brief moment captured my attention. The grey cold rain of the week had created the best beach in the backyard and Phoenix found it. The sunshine had warmed up the rain water and made it very inviting... 

He was very happy about our mini Sandpit beach