Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gift Tags

My yard is absolutely drenched, like a soggy shag pile carpet that Phoenix spilt his drink on. You can feel that image on your toes cant you? I can. Squelch! squelch! Apparently we have had more rain in the last couple of days than what we ever have in November or something like that. It just makes me wonder- How humid and sticky is it going to be when the sun comes back out again?! And my lawn is going to need a mow again because it is loving the rain.

So we are all stuck inside again, apart from the mad-dash to the car and shops for food. Heater on (at the end of this Australian November! weird!!) No playing on the trampoline and no sandpit until it stops raining. All this equals: Kids craft!
Play Dough!

I found these great Mr Potato Head style accessories at the $1 shop and just couldn't resist. Milla had cardboard versions but they were starting to show some wear and tear... plus these were only $1 Score!
Once this Play-dough hardens and gets thrown away I will post a How-To make homemade Play-dough. With my extra special helper Milla of coarse.
I've been continuing on with the Christmas crafts in the hopes of possibly finishing before next year, I did bunch more of the paint sample gift tags.

La-dee-daa Here's some I prepared earlier... ha!
I am totally in love with teal/turquoise/green at the moment so obviously I had to do some gift tags in Peppermint fresh with string ties. Couldn't resist. Single layered tags in the green and double layers in the red (white second layer)

How To Make Super Awesome Gift Tags!

Grab some red and white paint sample cards from your nearest paint supplier, they are free- but don't get to greedy only take a couple.
 Line up the red card and white card together, hole punch through both in the top corner (or centre) for the ribbon and press a craft stamp centred at the bottom. I only did the red layer with the Christmas tree because I thought it looked good with the white shining through... If I didn't find the Christmas tree I was going to do a star
Two examples of how the ribbon can attach... The right one is just a simple tie on, but I think it looks messy- So here's the how-to's to do the other one. 

Cut about 40cm of red thin ribbon, fold in half. Pinch the ribbon at the fold and thread that loop through the red and white cards

Open the loop and thread the other end though it

Pull the two strands to make the loop shrink

Check out my burn mark! accidentally bumped the frying pan for a split second ouch!  Oh and still pulling the two strands equally

Too easy breezy. All done, now write on the bottom white card and attach to your present. Give millions of gifts!

Same thing in a single layered Green version, with String rather than ribbon- nice!