Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Meet Sapphire

The Internet had a little "rest day" yesterday. As in: I don't want to know how to fix it and needed my Knight in shining armour to come rescue me from my terrible dire need-to-be-rescued situation *swoon* . Eh hem. Not really... But seriously what did we do before the World Wide Web? How did we survive?

There wasn't any blogging happening, so there must have been loads and loads of washing happening, yes. And a trip to Spotlight- well obviously.  There are a few crafty projects I have happening at the moment which I cannot take photos of because they are gifts for Christmas. So Instead I thought I'd just do sneak peaks and save the reveal till boxing day! ha! Once they are all unwrapped.  
Yes! love a sale!
Rocks? hmm I wonder... nothing says Merry Christmas like a pile of rocks!
So there you have it, Christmas in a nut shell.

Meet Sapphire. Hello Sapphire... You have to talk extra loud to her she is old. I must try and find out how old she is, because it would be interesting. We tried to have a play today but she's decided to not work properly, so I've booked her into get her checked over. "Tell me Doctor? will she be okay??" Hopefully, cause she's cute and oh so antique. 

Even got her some new needles, but it still didn't make her happy (125yrs? That's bound to cover her age). The needle keeps running into the foot- and if I manage to set the foot up right out of the way she runs into the metal instead of the hole. Ok I've run out of buttons/slides/screws to play with to try and adjust it. Time to move onto a professional.  So I googled. Hobbeysew here I come.

The corner that needed some love just got primed. Did a quick very thin coat of primer on the back door frame. Will get to top coat tonight once the kids are asleep. Then hopefully we wont get little fingers and grubby marks through the drying paint for at least 12 hours . 

Remember my Knight in Shining Armour? He came home bearing a beautiful bunch of Red Roses... Stunning! (and the roses ain't bad either hehe) Best Husband ever! The perfect end to a long day. How very thoughtful of him. *kisses and hugs*

And this single rose... Was especially for Milla. What a great Daddy.  

I am using an old Champagne Flute wine glass as a vase for this single rose, and a cute little jar for the others. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Green Masking Taped Windows

Had a lot of anticipation for what today could hold, but everyone woke up funny. Milla woke with a raging fever and Phoenix is teething, molars are not fun apparently. Extra cuddles all round, six movies and counting, ice water and crunchy crackers makes the day go by. Hopefully a good day of rest will be just what they need. 

Onwards with the house reno's during nap times. The sun is out today so it the perfect opportunity to finally top coat the Kitchen window sill. 

 To the left is the original high gloss cream colour in who-knows what tone. To the right is the new (in progress) Vivid White window... Perfect day for washing, as you can see ;-) 
For the primer coats I used regular ol'  white masking tape, But! it took off wall paint when I removed it. I was super cranky cause I had only just painted this wall.  eh-hem... So this is "Low Tac Delicate" Green masking tape. I got it from Bunnings in the Paint masking tape section. It came off beautifully, didn't take my paint off and didn't let the paint bleed-Yay!

Remember this angle from a few posts back?  Here it is after a little bit of sanding, gap filling, priming and top coats... sticky tape still on. But much, much better.  

Ta-Da no more masking tape- And officially the first thing I have painted/fixed myself! Not bad, if I do say so myself. 
Back door
I posted some photos of this corner a little bit ago, and its desperate need for some loving. Well its had a little hug. I washed it down, sanded it back a bit and filled in some of the cracks and gaps.

A little hug

Top of the door frame- Seriously shocking! (looking down from theroof)

I am pretty sure the screws for the blinds was holding this on! 

 So far I've sanded the paint and filled the gaps. When I have a few more hours I'll prime and paint. (That bump on the left is a nail. Hammer! Where's the hammer!!)

I have way to much fun with this baby!

Green tape and top coats

This is my new paintbrush! I am in love with it- So smooth, it's great! Just the right amount of angle to the bristles to do the edges cleanly and none of those wayward single strands that paint everywhere but where you want it to. 
Lots of rain
In amongst the slowness of today, the cuddles on the couch with a sick little girl and stealing away in the quiet times to do sanding, this brief moment captured my attention. The grey cold rain of the week had created the best beach in the backyard and Phoenix found it. The sunshine had warmed up the rain water and made it very inviting... 

He was very happy about our mini Sandpit beach

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pallet Wood

Woohoo! The sunshine is out! Let us all bust out the hammers and drills its time to get moving! ha! Saturday is a great day to do some little things that I've had my eye on, but just haven't got around to yet. The other day I picked up two pallets from a local homemaker shopping centre. They had a great huge pile of them set to be sent to the recycle/rubbish so they were fine with me taking what I wanted, yes I asked. I would have got more, but it wouldn't fit in the car. So two it was. 

Pallet one second

Wood the next
It was quite labor intensive, but soo much fun! I used a hammer and a rubber mallet to get between the timber and pry it apart. I cracked a couple of the ends which was probably because the wood was damp from all the rain lately. But I have a plan for this wood! Probably over ambitious for what I am capable of but! heck, lets give it a go anyways! More to come on this as it all comes together. But first I need to pull the second apart. Hammer?! Pass me the hammer! 

 Dream a little dream...

I had 3 white mirrors hanging vertically on a blank wall in the lounge room, then CRASH! O.O What was that? Yup the middle mirror decided to go bungee jump without a rope and didn't survive. And then there were 2... with a big gap in the middle. So not cool. So whats the solution? I thought I'd try this...


Ok this is what I thought I'd try... horizontal 

The toy box chest sits here at the moment, but it would look so much better with an antique white side board .
 Oh a girl can dream

I am not completely happy with it. I kind of feel like its an equal sign more than anything.
But it's better than the blank wall.

My little artist busy busy busy.
If Milla could do craft and painting daily, she totally would. She is very detailed and likes to paint the lips, eyes, buttons the delicate flowers. Out of a whole painting she will do the small details. I love that about her, suits her to a tee. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Project: Back Door Trim

There's a slight dilemma with the back door trim. Chipped paint, Cracked wood. I think she needs some love. Poor old thing. So armed with the sanding block and detail sander, this weekend will be sandy! I would also love to top coat the window sill with the Dulux semi gloss vivid white paint I got to complete Project: Kitchen Window (and put my cute herbs back in their spot.)

I've chosen Vivid White for the window and door trims I think it will look good against the slightly darker wall colours (all neutral colours.)  Lots of sanding coming up in my future.  

Plan of attack: Sand it back, fill the gaps and cracks, primer and top coat... sound reasonable? I think so. 

Ew. This poor unloved corner needs a hug... and some gap filler

In desperate need of waterproofing. See the grass? The kids come in and out of the backyard all day long.
 I'd just like to point out that I didn't paint this. The previous people who lived here didn't use any masking tape when they painted I believe. Must have been a rush job, definitely not a labour of love.  
scuff scuff scuff
.Idea Hub.

This idea is from a fellow blogger Timber and Lace. Her bathroom make over is so so lovely! I think I may have to borrow her idea for my munchkins bathroom.

Mirror frame from Full Of Great Ideas is wonderful! And handmade- Sweet! I love it.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gift Tags

My yard is absolutely drenched, like a soggy shag pile carpet that Phoenix spilt his drink on. You can feel that image on your toes cant you? I can. Squelch! squelch! Apparently we have had more rain in the last couple of days than what we ever have in November or something like that. It just makes me wonder- How humid and sticky is it going to be when the sun comes back out again?! And my lawn is going to need a mow again because it is loving the rain.

So we are all stuck inside again, apart from the mad-dash to the car and shops for food. Heater on (at the end of this Australian November! weird!!) No playing on the trampoline and no sandpit until it stops raining. All this equals: Kids craft!
Play Dough!

I found these great Mr Potato Head style accessories at the $1 shop and just couldn't resist. Milla had cardboard versions but they were starting to show some wear and tear... plus these were only $1 Score!
Once this Play-dough hardens and gets thrown away I will post a How-To make homemade Play-dough. With my extra special helper Milla of coarse.
I've been continuing on with the Christmas crafts in the hopes of possibly finishing before next year, I did bunch more of the paint sample gift tags.

La-dee-daa Here's some I prepared earlier... ha!
I am totally in love with teal/turquoise/green at the moment so obviously I had to do some gift tags in Peppermint fresh with string ties. Couldn't resist. Single layered tags in the green and double layers in the red (white second layer)

How To Make Super Awesome Gift Tags!

Grab some red and white paint sample cards from your nearest paint supplier, they are free- but don't get to greedy only take a couple.
 Line up the red card and white card together, hole punch through both in the top corner (or centre) for the ribbon and press a craft stamp centred at the bottom. I only did the red layer with the Christmas tree because I thought it looked good with the white shining through... If I didn't find the Christmas tree I was going to do a star
Two examples of how the ribbon can attach... The right one is just a simple tie on, but I think it looks messy- So here's the how-to's to do the other one. 

Cut about 40cm of red thin ribbon, fold in half. Pinch the ribbon at the fold and thread that loop through the red and white cards

Open the loop and thread the other end though it

Pull the two strands to make the loop shrink

Check out my burn mark! accidentally bumped the frying pan for a split second ouch!  Oh and still pulling the two strands equally

Too easy breezy. All done, now write on the bottom white card and attach to your present. Give millions of gifts!

Same thing in a single layered Green version, with String rather than ribbon- nice!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Finally Found the Tree

I went to countless shops looking for a Christmas Tree craft punch, couldn't find one anywhere until... oh gosh! Until I found the biggest line of craft punches I've ever seen! Welcome Lincraft to my all time favourite shops list. Phoenix was tired and desperately needed to go home for a nap so I couldn't stay long but Oh the craft accessories! Oh the sales! 

Craft Punch heaven

So with the arrival of my small Christmas tree craft punch I present to you... Ta Da! The first wrapped Christmas present of the year!

Hand printed wrapping paper by Milla, spotty ribbon bow and small red ribbon to hold on the gift tag. Gift Tag made from 2 paint sample cards from Bunnings; Reds on top and a white under to write our message on. How cute is the little tree stamp!!  I love it when all the small details come together to make a lovely little thing that will be fun to give on Christmas morning

Oh Christmas Tree... Oh Christmas Tree.... 

pretty little bow

Home printed Paper, Potato stamping fun.

Right now she looks a little lonely under there, have to get a wiggle on and finish some more gifts!

Off to get my sander out, I have the dinning room door frame in my sights!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hospital Adventures and Wooden Hoops

Walking through the halls of the Children's Hospital at Westmead is always heart breaking. Knowing so many little people are hurting and as a result many families are walking through that season too. I am grateful that I was only walking through, only a passing visitor. But I am also very grateful for the Doctors, Nurses, admin, cleaners and anyone else who volunteers in these places- Thank you!! You do a great job!!

Why was I walking through the Children's Hospital? Because the unimaginably long corridor was connected to the Hospital at Westmead. Why was I walking through the Hospital? Because it was connected to the Dental clinic. Why was I walking... oh you get the point. I needed a filling, that's all, boring. I got lost and found my way several times it took me 10 mins walking from one end to the other but! It was raining outside and I was parked at the opposite end of the hospital to where I needed to be. Doh

So many people got caught in the rain, I saw some very inventive ways to attempt to stay dry, there was the usual umbrellas, and newspapers. But one guy had stolen a laminated sign off a wall and was shielding his head ha! naughty. One lady doctor, briefcase in hand, was walking nonchalantly down the road- "Rain? pft! What rain" Absolutely drenched. 


I've started gathering a collection of fabrics and round circles wooden embroidery hoops! I have 5 hoops and 6 fabrics so far. I'd like at least another 6 hoops. (Just waiting for another sale) This is all for Milla's room, and along with that cute little owl stamp and floral stamps (I haven't told you what I'm using them on yet!) will make a great feature for her bedroom walls.   

So easy to work with!

I've put the fabric in, but wont trim the excess off till I'm really happy with the fabric placement

I am loving these fabrics!!
Found the inspiration for this on Pinterest with a little bit of Kellie mixed in. If you find some interesting pictures or links let me know. I'm always interested in seeing new things

Hope you're having a good start of the week xx!!

If you would like to donate to the Hospital click the link and follow their directions.