Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jessie, Toy Story Costume.



Very unique belt buckle, designed and completed by Milla. 



A very easy DIY with great rewarding results. And bonus! Milla thinks the pants and shirt are brilliant so she will use them in her regular wardrobe. No wasting is always a win for me.  

*see the previous post to see how we made it. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

DIY Jessie from Toy Story Costume.

It's Book week at school, which means we get to dress up! And by "we" I mean Milla does and I just get to have fun putting it together. Although. I must say. The older she gets, the more she can do it all herself. Which is sad for my desire to do it all myself haha! But! Milla is very capable, and I reluctantly hand over {some of} the reigns. 

Back to book week! Milla has chosen Jessie, from Toy Story. Yeah I know it's book week and that's a movie. BUT! We have several books based on the movie so Cha-Ching. It works for me. 

So here's our late night craft adventure...

Cowgirl Cuffs. 
Yellow card
White paper
Craft glue 
Red sharpie

Cut, cut, glue, glue, draw, draw. 

Jessie Cowgirl Pants
White tights from Kmart
Black Fabric paint from Spotlight 

Paint in moo-print splodges. Use the Hair drier if you get bored like I did waiting for it to dry. 

Cowgirl Belt with special designed buckle. 
MDF circle 
Pens and a little person with an awesome creative mind. 

Design the buckle and glue.  
(Yes there is a Nutella Jar drawn on her buckle. We are all addicted) 

Jessie shirt 
White cardigan (Kmart) 
Yellow and Red Fabric pens (or just pens, but beware when washing that it will just run everywhere) 

Sketch on the Jessie design (one loop up, two loops down) and colour it in. 

Cowgirl hat 

We searched everywhere and couldn't find a red hat. So we settled for a cowgirl brown. What's nice is we can shorten it and wear it again... Ha! No, but really. It's quiet unisex so next year when Phoenix decides to go as Woody. We are ready to go. 

The hat we got is made from a felt-like, rubbery material. A lot of Easter hats are made from it. (I'm sorry I don't know what the materials called, it has no tags.) It's a costume hat, not a real one. 

Costume Hat (party shop)
Cross Stitching thread and needle

Because it's a costume hat, I could easily sew a boarder around the edge and glue on a matching ribbon.

Late night pajama craft time with my girl.

Tomorrow is the big reveal!!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Let's start at the very beginning. Pregnancy number 4

It was a sunny day late in March when, after doing at least 8 (or 50 numbers-smumbers) tests I was finally convinced this could possibly be happening, we sent this little square picture to our closest family. 

No matter how much I stared at that test knowing that "a line is a line" I just couldn't grasp the fact that this was happening. It was surreal.  

In true us style. We had a cake. The kids thought it was "Happy I love you day". Well it kind of was. {With a smidgen of "Holy-crap-we-are-doing-this Day"}  

Within seconds of sending the photo we started getting face time phone calls from parents and siblings. Can I say how reassuring it was to have their beaming faces congratulating us. When all I felt was numb excitedness, their excitement helped me feel like this was ok and that it was actually real.  

This pregnancy was super planned. Just in case you wanted to ask. We have the huge blessing of being able to pick which month we want to be due in. And I didn't want to be pregnant over Christmas so we planned for just before that. I'll do the math for you, just over 2 months after Emmes birthday we were pregnant again. Emmes pregnancy was the best, I was healthy and no recovery physically was needed (Mentally. Well. That's a different story all together) and we had the ok from my Dr. 

4 days after we announced to our family. 
This happens. 

Spotting, cramping, vomiting non stop. 
I got hospitalised for 3 days. On a drip and awesome anti nausea meds to slow the vomits down to a dull roar. 

What have I done! I thought! Not another vomity pregnancy!!! Crap! 

Armed with a handful of medication to try and keep food down I went home. Do you know how difficult it is to keep a pregnancy to yourself when you're vomiting and sick for 3 months? People get suspicious when you have one day feeling yuck. Ha! Nosey! 

5 weeks and counting. Not bad 2/3 months Postpartum (if I say so myself!) 

Pregnancy questions. Week 5. 

How far along? 5 weeks 
How big is the peanut? Teeny tiny, but bigger than where it started. Sesame seed. 
Total weight gain/loss? 0
Maternity clothes?  Nope. 
Sleep? Sleep and I are not the best friends. Well I love sleep, sleep doesn't love me. 
Best moment this week? Telling family we are expecting. 
Symptoms? No period, bloated, tired, spotting, all the usual suspects. 
Food cravings? Nope
Food aversions? Nope
Gender? Not yet 
Labor signs? Hell no
Belly button in or out? Inny
What I miss? Nothing yet. 
What I'm looking forward to? Kicks and being able to cuddle this baby on the outside. 
Milestones? We are pregnant. That's a pretty big win! 
Bump? Nope. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Number 4! WHAT!!!!

Surprise! Here comes Baby #4. 

Let's start this little journey with the standard pregnancy questions. Then I'll back track and cover the earlier trimester later. 

How far along?  
This week is 21weeks!! 
I'll post the progression photos to catch you up to this week. But until then, I can say that the first trimester dragged its muddy feet along so slowly I thought it would never end. The second has motored along to the point where now I'm hoping it slows down a bit!! 

How big is the peanut? 
Peanut is the size of a pomegranate or a cantaloupe depending on what app/site you look at. 

Total weight gain/loss? 
No idea really, ha! I'm gaining, I think it's a total of almost 4kgs so far. 

Maternity clothes? 
Both, I can still wear most of my regular clothes but it's much more comfy to have maternity pants on. 

What's with light sleeping? Seriously. Of all times to have great sleep it would be now, but alas. I wake at every sound. And then add in a bathroom trip. 
Thankfully I can still sleep on half my tummy and when I am asleep I am comfy. 

Best moment this week? 
More prominent kicks. My placenta is at the front with this pregnancy so I haven't felt much at all up until this point. Every kick is like a little "hello I'm here" 

Not nauseas at all. Actually barely feel pregnant apart from the obvious bump. 

Food cravings? 
All food! If I see a picture of it, I'll want it. If I smell it, I want it. If it's mentioned, I want it. Etc

Food aversions? 
None out of the ordinary. 

Yes we know!!! But I'll leave that to another day. 

Labor signs? 

Belly button in or out? 

What I miss?

What I'm looking forward to? 
Wine. And that first cry. 

Made it to over half way through this pregnancy!! Yay!!! And that I have only had one mental breakdown, I'm pretty pumped with that. A placenta at the front and not feeling kicks is very disheartening (when not feeling kicks was the tip off that something was wrong with Emmes Pregnancy). 

Yup. A definite bump going on here.

More to come: Positive pregnancy test after stillbirth. Dealing with pregnancy anxiety. Etc. 


Monday, June 15, 2015

Party decorations: DIY Number

It's the start of party prep week around here. We are having a Popstars party at the end of this week and as my very crafty little princess loves to make things (and we want to make the special days special) we have some prep to do. So we started with a big Ol' number 7. Seems like the best place to get this party started. 

Since I'm trying to reduce reuse and recycle as much as possible. I searched the house to make this 7 happen. 

I found a nappy box. Sweet! 
Old party decorations. Check! 
Hot glue gun, sticky tape and scissors. Check, check, check! 

Crack open the Nappy box, or what ever box you find, draw desired number. Since the box wasn't big enough to do in one go, I drew the top half on one side and the bottom on the other side. And stuck them together. 

Chop chop and sticky tape together. 

Wrapped the 7 in tissue paper. 

Hot glue on decorations. I was lucky enough to have paper pom-poms left over from a different event. I chopped them in half and glued the bottom onto the 7. 

I've seen some people use: paper patty pans, flowers, tinsel, anything really just make it pretty.

Fluff out the Pom poms, or what ever you used, and hang it up


Sunday, May 31, 2015

Coloured flowers update.

Our roses changed colour. A cute little hue and darker tipped edges.

Next time we will start with roses less in bloom so they can absorb more of the colour.  

The kids were happy with our little experiment and quite interested that it was even possible to change a flower like that. 

(The yellow and green didn't work as well as the blue and red)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Little Experiment With Colouring Flowers

Most Tuesday's I take flowers out to where we remember Emme. Since she doesn't have her plaque yet, I like to make sure she has something there that's from us. While we were scouting for flowers at the shop Milla was absolutely floored by the multicoloured roses. "Mum!!! These are real?!!!" 
They sure are!

But I'm not paying $20 for them. When you buy flowers every week it adds up pretty quickly. 

Today I had my heart set on some sweet innocent white roses for Emme, which also works for showing Milla how to make coloured flowers. 

      .... Making coloured flowers ... 

Our little experiment part 1! 

Remember the food colouring from last post? I kept it on the odd chance the kids wanted to do more painting or if something came up to use it. Seemed a waste to just throw it out. 

I chopped some plastic cups in half with knife. (I could have done this more gracefully, but, eh, it worked ha!) Poured in the food colouring/water mixture. 

Slice the bottom of the stems in half and slip in them into two colours.  

On the kitchen window sill ready to absorb the colours.  Let's hope this works!!  

Milla sat on the sink for another couple of minutes watching the flowers, wondering why they weren't changing colour. Cutie. Once I explained it would take a while to transform she was happy to run off and play again.