Thursday, September 24, 2015

Second Trimester All At Once

Seeings as second trimester is wildly different to first trimester, a breeze some would say. Some. I'm gonna skip the weekly questions and walk through the pictures. Cause let's be honest pictures are more fun. (Really a pregnancy flip book would be cool! Flip through the pages and the belly grows. That's fun) 

Here's the 2nd Trimester Overview

Second trimester for me has physically been fine, morning sickness cleared up, I'm still on Zyrtec and Aspirin (for the placenta), sleeping pretty comfortablely and only getting up once to wee (important facts to know right!). 
Belly button is still definitely and inny with no "popping" in sight. My feet are dissapearing when I look down and ankles are swelling at night time. I've chosen to take my rings off at night, it's not a necessary step just yet, but the fluid from my legs disperses while I sleep and so my fingers feel like sausages in the mornings. 

This pregnancy my placenta is at the front, anterior, so I had to wait until 20 weeks to feel movement and can I say, that sucked!! I feel my babies from 11 weeks onwards. That beautiful little bubble popping sensation to tiny little kicks and then full on limbs colliding. Nothing! Gah! Not very soothing for a mummy who has just walked through having a baby who stopped moving altogether. So I had a mental breakdown by 17 weeks and got an to make sure all was ok, and it was. Phew! 

What else? We found out what the babies gender is. :-)... You want to know right?  All in good time my friend, all in good time. 

Ok! Now for Bump!! 

Bubble second trimester. 

                   Hello Third 

DIY Guitars all done

Guitars all done and ready for the "proper" decorations to go on.... Star stickers and Avengers stickers. 

All personalised! Top one is Phoenixs creation and the bottom one belongs to Milla. 

Singing a solo on his stage. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

DIY: Air Guitars -Rock Out Party!!!

It's birthday week this week for our little man. He's been counting down since last years birthday, or there abouts, the "how many more sleeps?" Question is still burning my ears. My answers looked a little like this after trying to explain months and days and years just didn't answer the question sufficiently. 

-A bazillion sleeps
-A million sleeps
-A thousand sleeps
-A hundred sleeps (invites out by now)
-10 more sleep 
9 ... 8.... 7... 6... 5.... 4.... 3... 2... 1...
Laminating his invitations 

And here you find me. One sleep to go, one excessively excited 4 year old. As little gifts have arrived in the mail Phoenix has taken it upon himself to hide them from himself. The toy room cupboard has one, daddy's studio has another and the top of my cupboard another. Very cute. 

As well as a birthday day tomorrow, on Saturday there's a Rockout Party. A couple of close friends are coming over and together will air-guitar their way through their favourite songs. 

Backstage pass Invites hot off the press

Make Your Own Air Guitar!! (A little DIY)

For the basic air guitar you'll need: 

Big packing boxes/cardboard boxes
Stanley Knife and muscles

Trace a guitar if you have one available. Or sketch out a basic guitar shape and Stanley around them. (Watch your fingers, protect yourself and your floor, don't be silly, use common sense here) 

If you want to add detail and make this Rockout guitar a little more rock star worthy you'll need:

A big ruler. 
Ribbon and glue 

Paint the body of the guitars your chosen colour. 

Using sharpies (textas/pens) draw on guitar details. Use the ruler for the strings. 

Cut the ribbon to the size of your child and glue on the shoulder strap to the back side of the guitar. 

Tomorrow I'll show you the finished product!! You know. Once the glue has dried. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

12 Week Pregnancy Announcement Photo

When it was time to announce publicly our pregnancy. This was the picture we used. 

What I love about it is, it has all of our kids on it. Milla, Phoenix, Emme and blobby. Family. 

An unmade bed and a little nugget boy in the background. That food belly is starting to grow. 

How far along? 12 weeks 
How big is the peanut? 5.4cm from head to butt. The size of a plum (who decides these fruit?) 
Total weight gain/loss? Yep. Don't know how much. Definitely not lost!
Maternity clothes? No, but trackies are heaps comfy, pants are kinda from the devil. 
Sleep? Very light sleep 
Best moment this week? Having our 12 week scan and hearing baby heartbeat. 
Symptoms? Nausea, heartburn, tired, feeling quite low. 
Food cravings? I love food
Food aversions? Dirty dishes. 
Gender? Soon
Labor signs? Nope
Belly button in or out? In
What I miss? Nothing this week. Loving little nugget, wish I could feel it move
What I'm looking forward to? Movement would be awesome. 
Milestones? 12 week scan, baby passed the Nucal Translucency tests with flying colours- well done Nugget!!
Bump? Kinda. Definitely a good food bump happening. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

DIY Cloth Wipes. Baby Wipes.

I'm gonna call them Baby wipes but these can be anything wipes. From butts to benches and hopefully not both at the same time. Just a disclaimer, I'm not making these to perfection! You can, I'm not. 

I plan on doing some (part time) cloth nappies with our upcoming baby, I did a few with Phoenix and a couple with Milla. With each baby I get more confident and also the nappies available increases. My kids have sensitive skin so chemicals in nappies/diapers are a bit of a concern to me. Phoenix gets chemical burns/rashes easily from night time pull ups, and the natural disposables (oxymoron) work better for him, they just don't make them in his size yet. 

So back to making wipes. I am making wipes because like avoiding the chemicals in the nappies, I also want to minimise the chemicals from wipes. 

Since I'll be washing cloth nappies anyway, I'll just throw these wipes in at the same time. 

For the wipes I'm using old 100% cotton flannel baby blankets. I've had these for years and have never had any use for them. Until now! 

Measure and cut to the size you want. 
I did 15cm x15cm for most of the blanket and then 12x12cm for the last part that didn't measure to 15cm. 

You could be fancy here and curve the edges instead of pointy corners. 

You could be done here if you want. Or sew an edge around the wipe so it doesn't fray *not pictured* 

To use the wipe: Pick it up. Then wipe object/baby. :-) 

Feel free to dampen the wipe with water or make up an awesome baby wipe solution like many people have blogged about. 

Doing a DIY doesn't have to be complicated, use what you have around the house xx 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Telling The Kids We Are Pregnant, 11 Weeks.

We told our kids we are pregnant. We pulled out an ultrasound photo of baby as a 10 week blob, (they have seen enough ultrasound photos to know this means there's a baby) 

"Mummy's having another baby!!!!!!! Woohoooo!!!!"

And you know what? They are super excited! Isn't that just beautiful!? They have been through such a huge journey with us, they watched their mummy be pregnant and they bonded with their sister, walked the journey of meeting their stillborn sister, Emme, having their own hopes and expectations dashed, processing what death means.... And yet! Such excitement. It's really beautiful. That pure heart. 

There was the expected questions of: 

"Will this baby come home with us?"

"Will this baby be dead?" 
(Phoenix is 4 so he processes everything very matter of factly. I don't find this question offensive at all, he needs to ask) 

We answered as best as we could. I cannot guarantee that yes this baby will come home with us, but we have hope. 
So I said... "Gosh we hope so!!" 

We all decided that once we find out what baby's gender is, we would all go shopping and buy him/her special outfits picked out by the kids. It was important that they see that we are planning towards this baby joining us and being their little sibling. 

I'm so proud of our kids, I'm proud of their resilience and willingness to keep going, to keep believing for the best dispite what life has thrown lately. 

Mud day at preschool. 

Saturday concerts are a regular event around here. 

How far along? 11 weeks, whoops no photo again. 
How big is the peanut? 4.1cm, a fig
Total weight gain/loss? Dunno. I eat. 
Maternity clothes? Not yet, but that hair tie around the button really helps take the pressure off!! 
Sleep? One wee, one snoring hubby, but other than that really comfy. 
Best moment this week? Not a best moment, but a funny one- I fainted in Coles!! At the checkouts. I felt funny as I was shopping, I know that feeling well, I thought I'll just finish shopping and then can sit on the couch just outside of Coles and eat all the snacks that had crept accidentally into my Trolly. 
Put all the items on the belt, and then had to sit down in the bagging area cause I got all hot and sweaty and heart pounding and then black. 
I opened my eyes and I was laying on the floor at the checkouts in my hot pink cannot-miss-me jumper. What a weirdo. Having a nap in the middle of Coles. Hehe. Quick Ambulace ride to the nearest hospital for a checkup, all good, just need to stop sooner next time. What a fun adventure. 

Phoenix was my hero, he looked after me. And the next time we went to Coles I got a stern talking to from him "Mummy, don't faint." Yes sir! 

Symptoms? Light headnes, dizzy, nausea, heartburn, minimal loo trips. 
Food cravings? Sugar and hummus and carrots 
Food aversions? Nope
Gender? Don't know, Milla thinks girl, Phoenix thinks boy. 
Labor signs? No
Belly button in or out? In
What I miss? Nothing
What I'm looking forward to? Baby cuddles, nappies, feeding
Milestones? 11 weeks done and dusted. 
Bump? Real good bloat, which I'm blaming on the ever increasing uterus- not the ever increasing hunger :-) ok it's both. 

10 weeks pregnant.

This is our 10 week ultrasound. Head (left) to butt... Those three little darker white lines at the top of the head blob is baby's fingers. 

How far along? 10 weeks, whoops forgot a photo!! 
How big is the peanut? 3.1cm. Or the size of a date.  
Total weight gain/loss? Dunno
Maternity clothes? Anything comfy is better, but all normal clothes
Sleep? Waking to wee
Best moment this week? Seeing blobby again, I am very spoilt with extra scans
Symptoms? Nausea, heartburn are the worst. 
Food cravings? Give me all food
Food aversions? Dirty dishes, bad smells. 
Gender? Not yet
Labor signs? Nope
Belly button in or out? In
What I miss? My Emme. 
What I'm looking forward to? Not being pregnant. Feels like I've been pregnant for 10 years. 
Milestones? Made it to 10 weeks, scan looks good and seeing that heartbeat is reassuring. 
Bump? Bloated.